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A British businessman and politician with more than 15 years’ experience in the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

Les Echos Monday 16 September, 2019

Brexit without agreement, a folly for the United Kingdom...

...but the country should remain part of the Internal Energy Market whatever its outcome.

Huffington Post Wednesday 11 September, 2019

Tories Have Become A 'Religious Sect' Under 'Archbishop' Dominic Cummings

Alexander Temerko criticises the Government for no-deal Brexit and calls the Conservative Party to return to centre-ground

The Guardian Monday 2 September, 2019

UK energy price fears as electricity imports climb to record high

Alexander Temerko and National Grid warn that no-deal Brexit can lead to a sharp increase in energy prices and risks disrupting cross-border energy trade

Alexander Temerko

Alexander Temerko

Alexander Temerko is a prominent member of the Conservative Party. He is actively engaged in the work of local associations in London and the North East. He is a vocal supporter of the unity of the United Kingdom and of British membership of the EU…

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