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A British businessman and politician with more than 15 years’ experience in the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

Daily Mail Friday 16 June, 2017

Alexander Temerko demands Theresa May to overhaul the Tory agenda to slash tuition fees

Tories would lose again without young voters. We need to slash tuition fees to win them back.

Huffington Post Thursday 16 March, 2017

Theresa May’s Industrial Team Focus On New UK-France Electricity Connection

In turbulent political times it is important for governments not to neglect the needs of the infrastructure business, and to allow vital energy and industrial projects to continue.

Huffington Post Tuesday 31 January, 2017

Theresa May Is The Bridge Between Donald And Xi Jinping In Post-Brexit Future

Theresa May needs to be tough with Trump, and be ready to grasp a historic opportunity for Britain.

Alexander Temerko

Alexander Temerko

Alexander Temerko is a prominent member of the Conservative Party. He is actively engaged in the work of local associations in London and the North East. He is a vocal supporter of the unity of the United Kingdom and of British membership of the EU…

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