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A British businessman and politician with more than 15 years’ experience in the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

Institute of Economic Affairs Tuesday 16 April, 2019

The Brexit litmus test: too many politicians, not enough statesmen

Brexit requires time, leadership and ultimately a close trade and political relationship with the European neighbours for the benefit of the future generations.

The Telegraph and Express Monday 28 January, 2019

Conservative donors refuse to hand over cash over Theresa May's leadership and Brexit policy

Mr. Temerko expressed his support for Art. 50 extension and to prepare for the new election as a solution to Brexit roadblock

Reuters Wednesday 12 December, 2018

New Prime Minister will be good for business

Mrs May has exhausted all her options and her staying in power is just creating more uncertainty for our economy

Alexander Temerko

Alexander Temerko

Alexander Temerko is a prominent member of the Conservative Party. He is actively engaged in the work of local associations in London and the North East. He is a vocal supporter of the unity of the United Kingdom and of British membership of the EU…

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