Thursday 06 May 2021

Alexander Temerko comments on the recent UK – France developments

In relations to recent events in Jersey and the UK relationship with France Alexander Temerko made the following statement:

“Today we have a problem with fish regulations, yesterday it was vaccines, tomorrow it will be something else.

“We cannot threaten each other and put at risk vital gas or electricity supplies. We need to avoid putting people under humanitarian risk. We need to de-escalate tensions, any escalation is bad for citizens and business. Making businesses responsible for political escalation is absolutely wrong. This is an awful situation, impossible between the civilised countries.”

“France is a reliable partner for the UK in energy and environment, as demonstrated by decades of cooperation between the two countries on IFA and IFA2 interconnectors and by an important role EDF plays in the UK energy market. It is not possible to substitute French energy market by any other country “

 “AQUIND is committed to building an interconnector to France. AQUIND Interconnector is currently at permitting stage in the UK and France.  Once operational AQUIND Interconnector will significantly contribute to decarbonisation objectives of France, UK and EU. It will help better integrate renewable generation of both countries and will provide essential services to both power grids.”


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