Wednesday 01 October 2014

Prime Minister Acknowledges Manufacturing Growth

David Cameron today made a rousing speech to close the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. Within the speech he pledged to cut taxes for over 30 million people by increasing the tax-free allowance, while also committing to protect the NHS budget for the next Parliament.

The speech also interestingly touched on British manufacturing (small excerpt from the speech below).

We’re making Britain proud again.

Our exports to China doubling…

…our car industry booming…

…our aerospace expanding…

…our manufacturing growing… we’re making Britain proud again.

Car engines – not imported from Germany, but built down the road in Wolverhampton.

New oil rigs – not made in China, but built on the Tyne.

Record levels of employment…

OGN acknowledge the steps forward which have occurred in the current Conservative party tenure, but firmly believe more needs to happen.

A new wave of investment is expected in the North Sea and OGN are growing concerned the North East, and the rest of the UK, may miss out on contracts worth many hundreds of millions of pounds.

This is despite the industry receiving numerous assurances that the Government will do all it can to ensure contracts for new North Sea oil rigs are placed with UK yards.

Mr Temerko, OGN Director and Member of Conservative Party said: “It is with great satisfaction I listened to Mr Cameron referring to the manufacturing industry within the UK, specifically the river Tyne once again growing, and making Britain proud once more. OGN are delighted to be part of the growing manufacturing industry within the UK, but more needs to be done, and we implore the current government to take action now as the long term consequences will be extremely serious for British manufacturing, prosperity and employment”.

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