Friday 06 November 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel: resettle Syrian refugees in Ukraine

While western leaders quarrel over a solution for the refugee crisis, they are overlooking a country that earlier this year was the centre of yet another argument: Ukraine.

Ukraine is deeply grateful to Europe – and Britain in particular – for support in the face of Vladimir Putin’s aggression and would be willing to extend a helping hand to its European partners where it can. Ukraine would be delighted to play a real part in solving a pan-European challenge as an active partner.

Syria has cultural and historical ties with Ukraine, which would make integration of refugees into Ukrainian society much easier than it might be elsewhere. Also orthodox Christians would find a natural home in Ukraine, a country that shares the orthodox religion and would give them real freedom of worship.

As a Ukrainian, and someone who understands the politics of that country and personally knows its decision makers, I would be prepared to volunteer my services as an envoy to facilitate negotiations between Europe and Ukraine.


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