Friday 11 November 2022

Sunak must choose between protectionism or global strength to remake Britain

First of all, Sunak must reunite both party and country, which is in need of strong direction and thoughtful leadership. 

Secondly, he must turn a weakness – the weak pound, inflation and recession – into an economic strength by taking advantage of our economic realities to build an export orientated economy, and balance budget responsibilities with government expenses.

Third, Rishi must act now to prevent the rise in the price of energy – by building new capacity through investment in nuclear and renewable energy, as well as new interconnectors, and improving our electric grid. 

Fourth, he must begin a new era with our neighbours post-Brexit – especially with France.

Finally, Sunak must continue Britain’s crowning achievement of foreign policy of the last decade, which has undoubtedly been the pivotally important support that Boris Johnson provided to Ukraine.


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