Sunday 02 February 2020

Boris Johnson should forget CBI and appoint a council of entrepreneurs

Mr Temerko says: “The times warrant a ‘symphony’ between the government and business in matters of economy and the country’s future.

“This will require civil servants to change their mindset and conquer their fear of active engagement with the business community even if this engagement means several advisory meetings throughout the day.

“Business leaders are the pikes keeping the thousands strong army of civil servant fish awake in the quiet waters of state departments and regulatory bodies such as Ofgem et al.”

He continued: “The challenges, and opportunities, of the next few years require a bold new way of thinking and a new relationship between 10 Downing Street and business leaders to help unlock the benefits of free market trade for the people of Britain.

“A readily available forum of large and small business representatives that No.10 can draw advice and inspiration from will help contribute to ensuring the success of Brexit for the British economy.

“Entrepreneurs in the UK have historically been bold risk takers – we are the nation that founded capitalism – and we finally have a Government that matches our ambition to go further faster, and tear up the old rule book on what it means to be a British business and government in the twenty first century.”

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