Monday 16 October 2017

The Conservative Party needs reform from top to bottom

Today, the Conservative Party faces a crisis. There is a lack of democracy and of bravery. Many Party members, activists, donors and MPs can no longer accept the fact that all major decisions seem to be taken by a small elite.

Theresa May is a good caretaker, and has an important task ahead in delivering Brexit. She should be given an opportunity to complete the Brexit negotiations. But she cannot lead the Party into the next election.  Before long, we will choose a successor. When that time comes, it will be important to elect our leader by means of a of democratic vote – with no coronation or other sleights of hand. This way, a new leader will get a full mandate from our members to fight the economic and social threat of Labour’s ideology.

Party members should elect our next Chairman and other key figures. Through this process, we will be able to identify talented candidates and platforms. The Party, along with Cabinet ministers, should also play an active role in drawing up our next manifesto. We need to reaffirm that the Conservative Party and our Government are pro-business.

We must not only recognise our mistakes.  We must also effectively correct them.

Let us not be afraid of democracy, modernisation and bravery! This is an opportunity; it may also be our only hope.


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