Monday 28 September 2020

The Times issues an apology to Alexander Temerko

On 26 September 2020 The Times issued the following apology to Alexander Temerko:

An article on political donations in the wake of the ISC report on Russia (News, July 21, 2020) referred to Alexander Temerko, a British citizen, Conservative Party donor, and prominent critic of the Putin regime. We did not intend to suggest that Mr Temerko, whether through political donations or otherwise, is engaged or associated with any illicit activities on behalf of the Russian state and we are happy to make that clear. We apologise to Mr Temerko for any contrary suggestion conveyed by this or previous articles published in The Times.

A number of articles were also amended to remove erroneous and inaccurate information pertaining to Alexander Temerko and Aquind Limited. 


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