Monday 09 October 2017

On the results of the Conservative Party Conference 2017

Given the large number of interview requests from national and local media following the results of the Conservative Party Conference, my position is as follows: 

We need to support our Prime Minister. At this time we need stability. She is a good caretaker and goal keeper for the next two years. She should be given an opportunity to complete Brexit negotiations in the interests of the UK and EU, given one important condition is met – we must prepare our Party and our voters to fight the ideological evil advocated by todays leaders of the Labour Party. 

For businessmen and entrepreneurs this will be one of the most important battles for a generation. We must win. Therefore, my support for the PM is directly linked to the power which she should give to MPs, members, activists and Party donors to reform the Party and to replace those Party officials who fail to address today’s realities.

The Party must reform and in future must democratically identify the best candidates for a leadership contest when it does come.  There should be no coronation or other attempts to deprive the members of a say. When the time does come for a new leader they will need a full mandate and support within the Party to lead us into new elections.

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