Sunday 27 March 2022

Temerko calls for No-fly zone on NATO border as Ukraine faces ‘Holodomor like famine’

Ukrainian businessman Alexander Temerko called on the West to introduce a No Fly Zone on NATO territory parallel to the Ukrainian border and away from the “area of conflict with Russia”.

Speaking exclusively on Swarbrick on Sunday, Mr Temerko said: “We have enough air defence systems in NATO and partly Ukraine to create this area of protection.”

He explained that a No Fly Zone would make the border safer for civilians, protect agricultural land and provide security to allow Ukrainian forces to secure an airport and “extend the No Fly Zone”.

Mr Temerko warned that by autumn as many as 45 million Ukrainians could be suffering from starvation amid the ongoing Russian invasion, describing the crisis as a “global problem”.


Explaining the situation in Ukraine, the businessman said the country was heading for an “absolute disaster”.


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