Wednesday 05 August 2020

Let’s support businesspeople by saving them from quarantine

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The last five months have been the hardest in a decade for doing business in the UK. Most businesses have had to either cease trading or switch to remote working. This has dealt a major blow to the UK economy.

Companies are failing, fear of the future is surging, and many entrepreneurs are losing their entrepreneurial spirit.    While businesses started to tentatively reopen in mid-June, a number of service sector players have not been able to fully resume operations.

The situation remains critical for manufacturing, supply chain and procurement companies. New outbreaks of the coronavirus disease have forced the UK Government to close borders or limit contact with entire countries and regions.

Travellers arriving in the UK are required to self-isolate for 14 days. Unemployment continues to rise, and many small and medium companies are being forced into insolvency. For business travellers who have only just started restoring relationships with overseas contacts, the self-isolation requirement rules out any possibility of doing business over the coming years.  

The next few months may bring a new wave of economic depression and broken hopes as well as another round of massive government support coming from virtually empty Treasury coffers.  

To help mitigate the situation, a group of business community representatives have launched a petition in Parliament to exempt business travellers and their families from the 14-day self-isolation requirement replacing it by testing at the border, to be paid for by travellers themselves.

Even if offered at £200-300, the testing would provide travellers with a conscious choice: use the service and continue working or self-isolate. This is particularly relevant for family businesses.  

Statements made at daily Government briefings lead us to believe that we have enough stockpiled tests, experience and staff to do on-the-spot testing at airports, train stations and ports. Besides, paid testing would enable us to secure additional support for labs and NHS staff while improving statistical data for travel-related cases.  

To the business community, I say every signature is a vote for your businesses and freedom of movement. To the wider nation, I say every signature is a vote to save our economy. 


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