Monday 03 February 2020

Alexander Temerko called No 10 to revive business council

Mere days ago, the United Kingdom finally left the European Union ending three years of immense frustration for the country’s businesses who have demanded to be unleashed into a truly global marketplace.

Brexit brings new opportunities – but only for those who are well prepared.

Today, we have only 11 months – or 330 days – of the transition period left to become adept independent actors on the new global economic stage.

A key objective of the new reform should be a thorough re-examination of the attitude amongst government towards the UK’s business and entrepreneurship culture, given that every government has promised support for entrepreneurship, the private sector and investment.

But how can a decidedly un-business like civil service be convinced of the enormous potential of British business in supporting the government’s initiatives and functioning?

I envision such an Entrepreneurs’ Council being made up of representatives from a small number of businesses from varying sectors and of varying sizes. They should have a proven track-record of growth and dynamism and be excited about the opportunities created by the UK’s exit from the EU. Membership on a rotational basis will ensure a variety of opinions and views are represented. In this way, No.10 can be confident that any suggestions given are of the greatest interest to the greatest number of businesses throughout the UK.

Whilst the PM would be a natural Chair for the body, the day to day running could be undertaken by an experienced Business Adviser. Someone who can lead and influence the council so that it realises its full potential.

The challenges, and opportunities, of the next few years require a bold new way of thinking and a new relationship between 10 Downing Street and business leaders to help unlock the benefits of free market trade for the people of Britain. A readily available forum of large and small business representatives that No.10 can draw advice and inspiration from will help contribute to ensuring the success of Brexit for the British economy.

Entrepreneurs in the UK have historically been bold risk takers – we are the nation that founded capitalism – and we finally have a Government that matches our ambition to go further faster, and tear up the old rule book on what it means to be a British business and government in the twenty first century.

As such I am calling on our Prime Minister to establish as a matter of urgency an Entrepreneurs’ Council and for business and government to work together to make a true success of Brexit and deliver a bright economic future for the United Kingdom.


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