Tuesday 22 September 2015

The US must help Europe to get refugees home

We are facing the biggest flow of mass migration in Europe since the Second World War. More than a million refugees have streamed into Europe. In the next few years, it has been estimated that the number of people trying to cross over to Europe will reach 15 million. That is equivalent to a sizeable European country.

But the selective approach to letting migrants into Europe does not work; it only persuades desperate  people that there is some chance they will be admitted, increasing the flow of people. When confronted with a crisis on their own doorsteps these MPs have reverted to a soft power approach. The approach until now will only create more panic and resentment.

Europe must turn to the United States in finding a solution to the refugee problem. The US must extend financial support to people at the existing refugee camps in Turkey, Italy, Greece and the Balkans. This will help improve the conditions of their temporary stay while Europe and the US work together to achieve a more stable and secure situation in their home countries.

Our true duty is to help the migrants with housing, education and healthcare on a temporary basis until their homeland is once again a safe place to live. Permanent resettlement is not an answer.


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