Wednesday 02 March 2022

Alexander Temerko calls for a no-fly zone over Ukraine

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 Alexander Temerko said that Putin is driven by ambition as collector of lands with neigbouring countries as his targets. Putin doesn’t understand, deeply, profoundly, doesn’t understand what Ukraine now is.

Mr Temerko dismissed a comparison with the fictional supervillain from the Austin Powers films when asked if the Russian president is like a James Bond villain who could launch nuclear weapons to save himself. He said: “Sorry, he is insane and an idiot but not Dr Evil. He is an old man who is not well, probably, and not well mentally. He is ready to escalate.”

Mr. Temerko also said that there are only two forces that can stop Russia – Ukraine army and solidarity of the Western world. He also called on the West for introduction of no-fly Zone over at least Western part of the Ukraine. 


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