City A.M. Wednesday 17 October, 2018

It’s time for Theresa May to use her secret Brexit weapon: business

Alexander Temerko calls for businesses to support the Chequers plan, the only deal on the table. And urges the PM to work closely with the business community if she wants its successful implementation.

Politico Monday 8 October, 2018

Backlash against Jeremy Hunt’s Red October

UK foreign secretary faces blistering criticism for comparing the EU and Soviet Union.

INFO Magazine Friday 5 October, 2018

Interview with INFO Magazine

The Guardian Saturday 30 June, 2018

Cabinet anarchy as Chequers summit looms

Alexander argues for the UK to remain in the European Internal Electricity Market

ConservativeHome Monday 5 March, 2018

Why Williamson is right to seek higher defence spending...

...and modernise British army. Army agenda should be included in the next Conservative manifesto

Financial Times Tuesday 16 January, 2018

Our friends electric: interconnection and Brexit

Alexander Temerko pushes for regulatory certainty for power interconnectors between the UK and the continent

Press Release Saturday 30 December, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


BBC News Friday 27 October, 2017

Tories must seek new leader now, says donor Alexander Temerko

We should support Theresa May as "caretaker" Prime Minister and give her opportunity to finish Brexit negotiation, but at the same time need to start radical Party reform.

Conservative Home Monday 16 October, 2017

The Conservative Party needs reform from top to bottom

Conservative Party Conference this year demonstrated there is a clear need and urgency for structural reform of the Party.

Press Release Monday 9 October, 2017

On the results of the Conservative Party Conference 2017

We need to support our Prime Minister, as long as one important condition is met...

Daily Mail Friday 16 June, 2017

Alexander Temerko demands Theresa May to overhaul the Tory agenda to slash tuition fees

Tories would lose again without young voters. We need to slash tuition fees to win them back.

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